Gels That Lather Low

Recall your shower this morning. As you rinsed and cleaned your body with your shower gel, did it lather up in a rich foam? You may have felt that the foam is doing wonders to your skin. While you may experience a sense of freshness, the excessive foam can sometimes be harsh on your skin, stripping it off natural nutrients. 

While we are used to washing our face and body with luxuriously lathering gels, it may be time to reconsider. HIVADO’s low-lathering gels have abundant qualities that thoroughly clean your skin, and leave you rejuvenated and revived. The gentle formula keeps your skin healthy without removing natural nutrients. 


Time to reconsider?

The HIVADO Low Lathering & High Performing Formula

With our low-lathering gels, the magic is two-fold. 

Cleansing & Hydrating 

A deep cleanse that unclogs your pores while maintaining the optimal pH levels and restoring your skin’s natural defences. An excellent hydration booster that nourishes and conditions your parched skin.

The surface-active agents used in our gels are made from 100% renewable, sustainable and plant-derived feedstock. The perfect amount of foam, effective cleansing and just the right degree of mildness make HIVADO gels suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. 

Small Steps Towards Environmental Sustainability

When it comes to the environment, our low-lathering gels are extremely beneficial, with their remarkable ability to rinse off quickly, saving mugfuls of water. There is no need or feeling to douse yourself with buckets of water to remove any residual soapiness after a long shower. 

Smooth like silk on dry skin, our formulations lather low and perform effectively. They make bath-time an experience that is revitalizing and reinvigorating. We have used nature’s choicest ingredients, ancient wisdom, and contemporary science to craft the best experience for your skin and your state of mind.