Self Care Rituals for Men.

  Self Care Rituals for Men.

  Self Care Rituals for Men.

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A new Vital for mens self care and well-being

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Breathe. Can you remember the last time you paused for a minute? An idle moment of solitude.These moments ,however fleeting, are the experiences we need, to heighten one’s awareness. And these are the very moments we create.

Our products are designed to revive the senses, invigorate the soul & nourish the body. They’re the respite from the rigours of modern existence.


Brand origin

extensive research delivers formulations of the highest quality and efficacy

Sustainability and Excellence

across ideas and formulas

Focused formulations for the modern man

Summer Essential

Face Edit

Your summer essentials in a luxury box.

Face cleanser, face cream, and hand cream.

Ideal for your summer self-care routine.

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