The Scent of the Mediterranean

Start your morning with minty freshness. 

Something that seeps the crevices of your skin and renews every cell. 

Let your skin breathe the fresh scent of the Mediterranean. 

Treat yourself to the scintillating, subtle yet strong scent that we call our signature

In your first whiff, breathe in the breeze of the ocean with a citrusy touch. Picture yourself at the sea with a bowl of freshly cut fruit. 

Take it all in. Let the scent sink in. 

Then, relish the woody after-tone mixed with a spicy aquatic scent. Like you’re seated at a medieval table by the window overlooking the seashore, sipping your scotch. Sundowners never smelt so good. 


When we set out to create skincare products for men, a lot of time and research was spent on perfecting the fragrance. We sought to give the modern man a sophisticated freshness; an upgrade from a commonplace scent. 

The signature range has been enriched with a fragrance that will remind you of a blissful time at the beach. From the first whiff to the end of the day, the scent will ooze a freshness that exudes confidence and class. 

The next time you step into the shower, picture the blue seas of the Mediterranean and soak it all in. 

Choose products you deserve.   

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