Hivado for Men

A man’s skin is different and needs to be treated differently. We understand that and have devoted ourselves to creating powerful, customized skin centered formulations to deliver exceptional results. We’ve closely studied habits, routines and usage patterns to tailor unique, yet holistic formulations for your day. You’ll see it in our solutions, the packages they arrive in, and how they feel on your skin.

Skincare as a Ceremony

A Ritual

And a man’s skincare routine should be nothing less. Our lightweight, quick-absorbing formulas won’t cost you any time, but they’ll be the moment of indulgent pause you didn’t know you needed. Take a whiff. Soak in the goodness. Cleanse away your stresses. Then do it all over again. Everyday.

The Craft

It’s no mean feat to translate ideas of perfection into reality. We spent over a year in transforming our ingredients into tinctures, creams, salves and solutions that looked, felt and smelled as good as they worked. It involved producing in small batches, investing in innovative and sustainable design and packaging and continuous testing to guarantee exceptional quality in every product. There are no shortcuts, compromises or negotiations. We’re constantly guided by our vision to create luxurious experiences that directly benefit skin health and your state of mind.

On the Outside


Our idea of sensorial experiences isn’t limited to the olfactory and the tactile. We want to indulge your eyes with something that’s undeniably purposeful. Hence, we opted for brushed aluminum bottles that could maintain the high, uncompromising standards of the products they encase. We designed them with sustainability, functionality and minimalism in mind and imbibed them with the values we hold dear. You’ll see it on the lettered packaging, and feel in the product within.

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