3 Skincare Habits For Men in Their 20s to Delay Ageing

 Men, often ignorant of skincare and self-care in general, come to look much older, too soon. With the unforgiving changes in our environment and lifestyles, the importance of practising skincare has transformed from being an act of extravagance to one of utmost necessity. Premature wrinkles, dullness, and an un-energized look will be the result of your ignorance. 

However, there is a way for you to delay aging and continue exuberating youthfulness for as long as possible. All it takes is a handful of simple steps that will keep your skin healthy and feeling good even when you’re not in your 20s anymore! Here’s what you need to do: 

  1.   Make a Routine- Skin care routines don’t have to be complicated and over-the-top with products like influencers show in tutorials online. Create a simple but effective routine that specifically caters to the need of a man’s skin. If you’re unsure about how to go about it, here is a simple routine you can start following today:
    First, use a cleanser to wash away all the accumulated dirt and grime from the day.
    Next, hydrate with a good moisturizer that is refreshing and long-lasting and will keep your skin looking youthful all day.
    Lastly, make sure to apply sunscreen if your moisturizer has no SPF. If the UV rays are not harmful enough, the sun is responsible for 90% of our skin’s ageing! So, wherever you’re headed, never leave home without applying sunscreen. 


  1.   Invest in Good Products- If you invest in good quality products once, you can save yourself the effort of having to experiment over and over again. Today, a number of skincare brands have come up that use organic and natural ingredients devoid of any chemicals in their composition. At HIVADO, we have carefully curated our ingredients and formulated a plant-based range of products that are specifically made to heal and nourish a man’s skin. Check out some of our products here


  1.   Make Some Changes to Your Lifestyle- Simple changes and mindful habits can have a positive long-term impact on your health and your skin. Eating the right food can make all the difference; a well-balanced diet and plenty of water are absolutely essential.

    One thing you need to work on is fixing your sleep cycle. Sleeping and waking up on time will rid you of dark circles. Some studies have suggested that consistently getting 5 or fewer hours of sleep can lead to sagging and twice as many fine lines. 

Simple, isn’t it? Follow these habits and see the wonders it does to your skin! Don’t expect to see changes immediately, remember, these are just methods to prevent ageing in the future!