Bacne - Why it Happens and How it Can be Prevented

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that is prone to acne. At some point in your life, you may have had a breakout on your back, shoulders, and even your chest, that may have got you wondering why is this happening? 


Why It Happens 


Any activity, be it sports, or even spending a day out in the sun, can be responsible for bacne, if you’re not careful to take care of your skin. Increased perspiration along with friction from clothing and equipment sticking to your back irritates your follicles and clogs them. 

In simpler words, bacne is caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and sebum (oil) combined with an overgrowth of skin bacteria that triggers an inflammatory response. 

It is not a cause of great alarm, especially for men with an active lifestyle in the tropical subcontinent. This, however, does not mean you ignore it. If neglected, it could be the cause of several problems in the long run. 


What Can You Do To Prevent It? 


Firstly, you have to ensure cleanliness. Dirty clothes irritate the skin and harbour sweat and oil (sebum) production. Always take a shower after a workout or when you get back home from a day out since humidity and heat are the leading causes of bacterial growth. It’s a simple first step - keep washing your skin and your clothes at regular intervals to prevent a breakout. 


Next, try to identify certain allergens that may be triggering your bacne. If you observe that you get breakouts irregularly, keep an eye out to see what changes you have made to your lifestyle that is causing this. It could be medication, gels, or even sun exposure that is leading to this problem. Consult a doctor for alternative drugs/treatments. 


At any point, if you feel like scratching or picking at pimples, refrain from doing so. This only aggravates the infection and leads to spots, scabs, and permanent scars. It is an unhygienic practice that must be avoided at all costs. 


Why Skincare Is Essential in Preventing Bacne 

In reality, the most crucial factor is your skincare regimen. If you are prone to bacne, try not to use products without any oil content, including cosmetics and creams. 

When you are in the shower, wash off properly with a body cleanser, scrub your back well and allow your skin to breathe in the absence of the dirt, dust, and grime that accumulates during the day. 

Next, hydrate. Use a body lotion that has a lightweight formula, made with natural ingredients that will moisturize and rejuvenate your skin, and also prevent or reduce acne. 



HIVADO’s Body Duet is the answer to all your questions. Encompassing a lotion and a body wash, apply this gentle yet potent formula to your skin twice a day to see a significant reduction in bacne. It’s a simple first step - follow a proper routine for clearer skin, hygiene, and a healthier state of mind.