Are you doing this before and after shaving?

An intricate process that you do every other day… Are you doing everything correctly to ensure this procedure isn’t harming your skin? If not done in a properly sequenced and careful manner, shaving can actually do more harm than good. Improper shaving care can lead to your skin looking prematurely aged.

Here’s the shaving ritual we recommend.


Before Shave

Cleanse & Soften - Wash your face to remove excess oil, dirt and grime that builds up in the crevices of your face.


After Shave

Your pores are open and exposed. After shaving, your skin is all the more gentle and needs care. Open pores can lead to acne, pimples, pigmentation and a generally dull looking skin.


To effectively care for your skin after a shave, you must do one of two things:


Use an astringent: to tighten and tone your skin.


Use a moisturizer: to protect and moisturize.


We say do both! Our face cream is enriched with ingredients that have astringent and moisturization properties. The face cream has been infused with alum or phitkari, a traditional astringent that naturally tightens and brightens a man’s skin. Olive Squalane, Songyi Mushroom, and Almond Oil make this the ideal day cream for all-day nourishment and protection.

Self-care is simple; a habit you should inculcate. How you treat your body is how it will treat you.

Start self-care today.