Committed to Conscious Consumption

At HIVADO, we are committed to the cause of conscious consumption. In our vision to create a self-care ecosystem for men, the cause of the environment has been at the heart of all operations. Sustainability and environmental consciousness is our priority. 

Every process at HIVADO has been strategized to be sustainable and minimalistic in every sense of the way. Our idea of conscious consumption is reflected in the way we select ingredients, craft formulations, manufacture, pack, and deliver. 

Our products are formulated with the highest grade ingredients that are sustainably sourced. The formulations are crafted through small-batch manufacturing processes. The product is then packaged into carefully crafted bottles and boxes. Our signature skincare range comes in brushed aluminium bottles that are reusable and recyclable. The bottles are placed in secure mono cartons to be safely delivered to men around the country. 

At HIVADO, conscious consumption is not just a brand value. It is more. It is the guiding force in everything that we do and set out to do.