Do I Need a Face Cleanser? Here are the honest answers for men.

Long story short, yes you do. 

Men need a face wash that is engineered for their skin type. 

Amid all the hustle during our day, our skin gets exposed to thousands of unidentifiable environmental impurities that clog our pores and are hard to remove. These unclogged pores cause breakouts and dull skin, and finding the right products is next to impossible given the overwhelming options in the market today. 

You need an effective face cleanser. Water is not enough to remove all the oil, dirt, grime, and dead skin cells that accumulate at the end of a long day; and soaps contain harsh chemicals that will not react well with the delicate skin on your face. 

Here’s something that might help you pick out the right face wash:

Cleansers don’t only cleanse your skin of the thick layers of impurities, but also boosts hydration. If your skin is dehydrated it will look and feel rough, dreary, and also wrinkled. Cleansing manages the pH levels of the skin – ensuring sufficient water retention that will keep it healthy and strong. 

This is an essential part of your skin-care routine. Missing this step would lead to a host of problems for your skin and one simple way to avoid this is by consistently cleansing! 

Gently wet your face, pump out a coin-size amount of cleanser, lather in your hands and then massage your face. Rinse thoroughly, and pat it dry with a face towel. You will instantly be refreshed and rejuvenated, and left feeling lighter and a hundred times cleaner. 

HIVADO’s Pore Purifying Cleanser has been created to cater to the lifestyle of the modern man. The formula has been enriched with the richest and most luxuriant blend of natural ingredients comprising Alum and Seaweed Extract along with Orange Peel Extract. This revitalizing, renewing, daily face cleanser is the perfect complement to your busy lifestyle – it will help you unwind after a long day. 

You deserve these blissful moments to yourself. Find your solitude in self-care.