Winter Skincare For Men. There is Just 1 Thing You Need To Do.

Come mid-November, the air starts getting drier, the weather starts getting a bit chilly. 
It’s not just the environment that’s ripped off humidity but your skin too. The change in temperature can change the way your skin feels. 
Have you noticed these things happen to your skin during the winter months:
Dryness, redness, flaky skin, itching, irritation chapped lips?
Well, the answer is simple. 


Hydrate your skin and your body. 

To preserve heat, your body retains water. This means you should drink a lot more water than you usually do. Set a reminder on your phone to drink more water. This is the one we are loving: 

Now for your skin.
The right care for your skin becomes all the more important in the winter months. The cold air sucks the moisture from your skin making it prone to excessive dryness and even breakouts. There are a few ingredients from nature’s bounty that help replenish moisture in men’s skin and keep it hydrated. 
If you are using a face cream or body lotion, these are the ingredients to look for: 
  1. Almond Oil: It is a moisturizer as well as an emollient. This means that not only does almond oil moisturize a man’s skin but also help the skin retain moisturize by improving its barrier.

  2. Shea Butter: A rich moisturizer, shea butter also has soothing properties that make your skin feel nourished and relaxed. Moreover, shea butter effectively moisturizes without making your skin feel oily afterwards.

  3. Phitkari/Alum: The age-old alum block works wonder for men’s skin, especially for men that shave. Use a face cream infused with phitkari to tighten your skin and prevent breakouts. A body lotion infused with alum is good for your entire body, especially those cracked heels during winter.

  4. Olive Squalane: This ingredient is perfect to keep your skin looking supple. It helps restore the natural oils in your skin and also help retain moisture to prevent skin dehydration. 

HIVADO’s skincare range for men has been engineered keeping the specific needs of a man’s skin in mind. The most potent ingredients, and only the most essential ingredients to keep your skin nourished at all times.

The two products we recommend this winter - 
The Fortifying Face Cream For Men is enriched with alum, songyii mushroom, olive squalane and almond oil. The cream is made with a non-greasy formula so while it perfectly nourishes, it does not leave an oily residue behind. 

The fragrant Body lotion for men is a winter essential. Formulated with Vitamin E, shea butter, alum and watermelon seed extract. The body lotion smooths and soothes the body, giving your skin the required hydration and nourishment. 
Stock up on your winter skincare today. Brrr.