Here’s why ALUM should be part of your skincare routine

Have you ever seen your grandfather or father using a crystal block on their face after shaving?

The translucent, crystallised little brick is called ALUM.




Over the years this age-old routine of applying alum has been replaced by after-shave, but even today nothing compares to the natural benefits of this ingredient.


To incorporate the goodness of alum into everyday life once again, we have brought it back in a renewed and refined form. Infused in sophisticated skincare products, at HIVADO we believe in the efficacy of nature and natural ingredients.


Here’s why you need to make it a part of your skincare routine:


Alum is a natural astringent. What this really means is that alum has properties that can tighten your skin, keeping it firm and supple. As you age, your skin begins to sag but proper skincare that delay and even mitigate that effect.



Alum is a potent ingredient in removing excess oil and grime from the skin. This reduces the possibility of developing acne, and also reduces marks from pimples.




A natural moisturizer, alum keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. This endows a healthy glow to your face, without making it look oily and exhausted. Alum also has antiseptic properties so it helps soothe and heal the skin after shaving or from any cuts.


A simple way to start using alum is to opt for products that are infused with this rich ingredient. HIVADO’s Fortifying Face Cream has been enriched with the goodness of alum and all its skin benefits.


A powerful ingredient that can improve your skincare routine - It’s an essential and here’s how you can start incorporating it in your daily regime: