How to avoid that summer sweat stink!

Summer is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more grateful! As the sun shines and days get longer, everyone just seems to be in a better mood with cheery spirits and good vibes. However, along with the good weather and walks in the sun, there also comes a downside – perspiration and the unpleasant odour that ensues. 

Sweating is completely normal, everyone experiences it, and in fact, is also extremely important since it is the body’s way of regulating a balanced temperature. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make things less embarrassing. 


Sweat, in general, is not your enemy; the thing that gives it the foul odour is the bacteria that builds up on the skin and reacts with the sweat and oil. You need to eliminate the problem at the root cause. Here are some ways you can avoid that summer sweat stink and stay fresh all day long: 


  1.     Use an antibacterial soap 

It’s summertime, so goes without saying that you need to shower more frequently, especially if you follow an active lifestyle. By using antibacterial soap, you will be doing wonders to your skin since they are designed to remove odour-causing bacteria, especially in areas that are prone to sweat more such as your underarms and feet. 


  1.     Wear only breathable fabrics 

The type of cloth you wear can have an impact on how much sweat you produce while going about your everyday activities. To allow air to enter your garments and prevent sweat from building up, choose textiles with superior breathability, such as cotton, silk, and wool. Moisture-wicking, synthetic materials are great for workout clothes since they may be able to keep sweat off your skin.


  1.     Watch what you’re eating 

It’s true what they say – you are what you eat. Certain foods you eat, such as onions and garlic have an aroma that can come out through your pores when you sweat. If you’re consuming a lot of caffeinated beverages or even alcohol, you may find yourself facing this problem. We’re not asking you to completely cut out these foods, rather have them in moderation with a balanced diet, which is extremely important for this time of the year! 


What you need is a skincare regimen 


The most effective way of avoiding the sweat stink is by practising a healthy, refreshing skincare routine. Shower regularly and use only cleansers that are made with the best quality, natural ingredients, since it will go a long way in helping your skin maintain its innate level of nutrients. Make sure to moisturize using lotions best suited to your skin type that will rejuvenate you and leave you smelling good and fresh all day long! 


Skincare is the most important step! Without it, all your efforts will be rendered useless, so make sure to follow it routinely.