The 5 Rituals for 2021

A New Beginning


In 2021, we’re taking a different approach to resolutions- we have created a list of simple yet powerful “rituals” for men that are centered around self-care. 

The art of caring for yourself starts with a pause- to soak in the goodness of the world, and to give yourself blissful moments where you can truly connect with yourself and your thoughts.  


  1. Deep Breathing & Meditation

    The most powerful way to connect with yourself is to connect with your breath. Your urban lifestyle whether it’s going to the office or being at home is taxing, and without realizing, you’re burning yourself out. Meditation slows down the pace of the world around you and allows you a break physically and mentally. This is the foundation on your path to spiritual healing. 
    Make it a ritual, just 3 minutes everyday.
  2. A 480-Second Pause

    Your skin goes through innumerable plights in a day. From pollutants and the harsh sun rays, to the unavoidable blue light that comes from screens. To help your skin breathe and take a pause from the constant chaos, practice a skincare ritual.
    8 minutes of complete care and nourishment, everyday. Starting with a shower that is uplifting and then moisturization that is luxuriously hydrating and shielding. We have crafted the ideal 480-second pause for a man. Do subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear it. 
  3. Creating a Pause Playlist                                                                               

    We know you listen to music and have a number of playlists for different moods, different occasions. But, how about music to pause from the incessant chaos? Songs that help you unwind and kick back - songs that are worthy of being in a #PausePlaylist.Make 2021 the year where music goes beyond the usual, the year when music becomes a self-care ritual.You can explore our Winter 2020 playlist here.

  4. Mindful Moisturisation                                                                                 

    Moisturization is a simple act of massaging your body with a nourishing body lotion that protects your skin and keeps it hydrated. But moisturization can be a lot more than that. After your next shower, indulge in a few minutes of mindful moisturization - being in the moment completely, not mentally planning your tasks for the day or scrolling through your phone. Mindfully lathering the lotion and caressing your skin. 

  5. Soak the Sun                                                                                               

    Building a relationship with the sun helps you connect with your masculine divine energy, which is responsible for your innate ambition and drive. Bask in the goodness of the sun everyday for a few minutes and soak in the rays of the power source. Make it a habit, a part of your everyday system of 2021.

Resolutions are ambiguous and almost always forgotten, but a ritual is a systematic routine - planned, prepared, and performed. 

Self-care in a world that is ever-changing and bustling, is a ritual that should be practiced by everyone, everyday. It’s time we make caring for our skin, our body, and our state of mind a priority.