Getting Ready for Date Night

A night to remember. 

The experience is what makes it so special. 

A hot shower, refreshing and rejuvenating, to get you in the mood. 

Next, you moisturise your skin for the perfect night ahead. Dry skin on a date isn’t the most attractive, you know. 

Remember to moisturize your face too - a nourishing cream that gives you that natural glow in the candlelight. 

As you groom your facial hair, think about sweet nothings you can whisper in her ear during your date. 

Run your fingers through your conditioned hair and style it just how she likes it. 

Towel-dried, warm and moisturized, soak in the feeling of putting on a crisp shirt, the one she gifted you and pairing it with the best pair of loafers you own. 

As you knot your tie, your eye catches the perfume bottle exuding its fragrance and scenting the whole room with its musky and woody aroma. Just a spritz, a little dab, and you’re good to go.

When you hold her hand tonight, ensure your hand is well hydrated and scintillatingly fragrant.

Gathering some last-minute accessories- wallet, coat, and lastly, the bouquet of flowers splayed out on the table. 

Picking it up and taking a whiff, you soak in the scent of her favourite flowers. Fixing your tie, you grab her gift on the way out and head out for a night to remember.