This summer, do this twice a day

Bright blue skies, scorching hot sun and the occasional cool breeze wafting through your hair. The summer months are upon us! But, did you know that these months can be exceptionally harsh on your skin? Long exposure to the sun and the build-up of grime makes your skin fragile and prone to problems like premature ageing, acne, and an uneven skin tone. 

Your skin requires a summer ritual. The ritual of cleansing.

A simple act you must do to take care of your skin. It is essential that you follow this ritual twice a day.

The AM Ritual

A great day begins with a mindful shower. As you get ready to take on the day, take a few moments to properly take care of your skin. A face wash with lukewarm water preferably is ideal, especially in the summer months. Take a dollop on your palms, lather it on your hands, take a whiff and then gently massage your face. 

As you wash off the cleanser, a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation sets in. Before you brave the hot summer’s sun, a good cleanse that unclogs your pores and hydrates your skin is just what you need. 

Remember to follow up the cleanse with a moisturiser and SPF. 

The PM Ritual 

There’s nothing like the feeling of splashing water on your tired face after a long day. Wash away the worries of the day before you hit the sack. Use a gentle cleanser to gently massage your skin and purify the grime, sweat, and excess oil that build up during the day. 

This night-time ritual should be your few moments of solitude. Something that refreshes and relaxes your senses, helps you reset. 

Your morning ritual will refresh you for the day ahead, but your night ritual will help you unwind and relax. 

After months of research and studying men’s skin carefully, we formulated an exclusive cleanser for men. HIVADO’s Pore Purifying Face Cleanser is gentle on all skin types and designed to help men create simple, sophisticated self-care habits. 

Here’s what goes into making HIVADO’s face cleanser:  

  • The age-old alum (phitkari), a natural toner and astringent that prevents your skin from sagging. 
  • Hydrolysed barley protein and orange rind extract that help maintain the natural oil balance of your skin and imparts a healthy, natural glow. 
  • Enriched with seaweed that boosts hydration and keeps your pores firm.

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