Your Bathing Room, A Sanctum of Pause

A bath is the cornerstone of self-care. 

A sensorial experience at the end of a long day. 

The trickling water, hot and steamy, descends on your skin and gently massages your sore muscles. Take a deep breath- the lingering scent of your body cleanser relaxes you as you soak in the goodness of this long bath. As you lather the gel on your body, knead your coarse muscles and close your eyes. When you put on your face cleanser after a long day, you relish the way your skin feels- soft and supple, with no traces of oil or grime. These are the transient moments you crave the most. 

Outlining an abstract shape on the misty mirror, you realize the sheer magnitude of the happiness you feel indulging in the little things. 

Your favourite candle lit, the smell of stacked fresh towels. The little things that make substantial experiences. 

Twist the knob. Turn off the shower. 

This is where you find solace in silence.  

Take it all in and cherish these moments that make your day wholesome. 


It’s time you realise self-care is not an act of extravagance. It is as simple as treating yourself to a long, hot bath after a demanding day of work. 

Skincare is self-care. It is a tranquil room, dimly lit. 

This is your everyday getaway. Make it a ritual.