New Year Rituals

2020 in reflection: unrest, uncertainty, and chaos. There were some highs and a lot of lows, there was hope and courage, but there was struggle. There was impatience, and a craving for a fresh start.

The past year taught us many things, but an important message we retained was the concept of pause. Taking time out for yourself, unwinding, and truly caring for your skin, your body, and your state of mind. 

This year, let’s not commit ourselves to forgotten, over-ambitious resolutions, rather we must indulge in intricate and time-tested rituals

Resolutions are short lived, but a ritual is a habit; it is a system that culminates into a lifestyle. Be mindful of your little quirks and habits, these are the defining moments of your day. Make the art of caring for yourself, the right way, your most cherished ritual. 

Build a system, perfect this habit- self-care is not a task to be checked off a to-do list, it is an experiential journey. An experience that is wholesome, rejuvenating, exciting. Moments that you look forward to; that make you want to pause and take it all in. 

It’s the little rituals that have the biggest impact.

Be kind to yourself, and to your skin.