Face Duet

₹ 1,300 ₹ 1,525


This includes:

  1. Pore Purifying Face Cleanser 100 ml
  2. Fortifying Face Cream 50 gms 


  • A duo of sophisticated skincare solutions designed to cleanse, protect and nourish a man’s face.
  • The finest products for your skin, made with luxurious exotic ingredients such as Seaweed Extract from the Atlantic Ocean, Songy Mushroom Extract from Japan, Olive Squalane from Portugal, Babassu Nut oil from Brazil.
  • These ingredients have been formulated to gently deep cleanse your skin and shield it from various urban stressors like Sun, Pollution and Blur light radiation. 

      Customer Reviews

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      Raj Singh
      Face duet

      One word: AMAZING!
      Starting with the cleanser, love how it makes the right amount of lather while using it. Not to less not too much just the perfect anount to wash off the sweat dust etc. It smells amazing. The smell isn't strong. It might come across as strong but as you use it ,it mellows? If that makes sense. Its perfect for me. It actually cleanses so well. My skin felt polished like it conditions my skin along with cleansing. Skin was shining, felt smooth and so fresh!
      Coming to the face cream, its just all in one i think! Like one stop solution cream for your face. It has UV protection,almond oil and olive squalane for hydration and alum! ALUM is that secret ingredient which works like magic in them. The application is super easy, non greasy, very little quantity is enough. I usually tend to sweat for the first 5 minutes of applying any cream on my face especially the forehead area but after applying this i didn't sweat at all. Which is a big big plus for me. Loved that about it. Super light weight. Talking about the results, i actually was breaking out right before i started using these. There was redness ,quite inflamed! Just in the first application, the acne bumps started to settle and in 5 minutes of applying the cream the inflammation went away. No kidding. The cream is versatile too in a way that you can layer it along with skincare actives like acids etc as they can be drying. Thats another plus for me. Overall i cant stop praising hivado for these gems! A must buy for every man out there! Will surely restock. ♥️